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Last Day in England... 09.07.2011
Off with her head! 08.07.2011
Hollywood in London... 07.07.2011
Walking and Walking and Walking and More Walking! 06.07.2011
“Have you visited the haunted house yet?” 05.07.2011
Dickens, Darcy, and Dangerous Drives 04.07.2011
A sweaty mad dash, yahoos, and a birthday boot! 04.07.2011
"We milk Shakespeare for all he's worth" 02.07.2011
Don't wash your plate, lick it clean. 01.07.2011
"For none of women born shall harm Macbeth!" 30.06.2011
Mind The Gap! 29.06.2011
Arrived...Exhausted/Slightly Delirious... 28.06.2011
England Bound! 27.06.2011
Departing Tomorrow 26.06.2011
Anxiously Awaiting Our Trip to England 24.05.2011